The island of Lefkada is the fourth in size from the islands of the Ionian Sea, with majestic sunsets and sunrises and breathtaking view, like the one at Cape Lefkatas. The Island of Skorpios is Aristotelis Onasis’ famous resort and cruises are available daily to explore the surrounding perimeter of the island. After the excavations of the German Wilhelm Dörpfeld, he believed that Lefkada is the real Ithaca of Odysseus, from Homer’s epic story.
Some of the most attractive beaches of Lefkada are:

  • EKREMNI beach:a wild beautiful beach, unspoiled and boat accessible.
  • PORTO KATSIKI beach: Nominated as one of the best five beaches in Europe, this place has crystal clear water and a unique spirit (distance: aprox. 25min).
  • KATHISMA beach: Easy access and large spaced beach which includes restaurants and cafe beach bars by the sea (distance: aprox. 35min).
  • AGIO FILI beach: Nearby beach, access only by boat – very beautiful (distance: aprox 15min).